About HelloPrenup

HelloPrenup is a popular online prenuptial agreement provider that was founded in 2018 and is run by two women - a family law attorney and a former Microsoft software engineer, who both saw the need to simplify the process of drafting a prenuptial agreement. The company gained widespread media coverage after appearing on SharkTank and receiving investment from Kevin O'Leary and Nirav Tolia in 2022.

Using the HelloPrenup interface, a couple can log in and create their prenuptial agreement for a fixed price of $599 from the comfort of their own home. However, some couples wonder whether it is appropriate to use an online provider for a prenup and whether HelloPrenup is legit. Although the company is growing in popularity, it's still relatively new and there are not many HelloPrenup reviews available online, which is why we saw the need to complete a detailed investigation. We will try to provide answers to some common questions through this HelloPrenup review, which is based on the personal experience of friends, users we have contacted and the views of traditional prenup lawyers we have consulted with.

HelloPrenup Review

HelloPrenup starts with one member of the couple signing up and inviting the other spouse to join them on the HelloPrenup online platform. Details about income and assets can then be entered through a web interface and HelloPrenup provide a series of online forms that guide through the process of prenup negotiation and issue identification, based on the common problems that couples encounter when drafting a prenup.

The HelloPrenup negotiation process is designed to maximise transparency and collaboration, which is beneficial to the strength of a prenuptial agreement in the eyes of a court. It also speeds up the process of drafting the prenup by automating the documentation and avoiding back and forth discussion with a prenup lawyer, who may need to serve several clients simultaneously or only be available at specific times and days. A possible downside of the HelloPrenup negotiation process, is that if you need to include complex prenup clauses (e.g. relating to business ownership) it could be difficult to agree what is appropriate as a couple, without the help of a traditional prenup lawyer.

Once all issues have been resolved in the negotiation process, HelloPrenup generates the prenuptial agreement using a document generator, ready to be signed and notarized by the couple. HelloPrenup also provide the option to have the prenuptial agreement reviewed by a traditional prenup lawyer, which is a popular hybrid solution for couples who cannot decide whether to create their prenup using an online provider like HelloPrenup or a traditional prenup lawyer.

Summary: Is HelloPrenup Legit?

As noted above, a common question we receive is whether HelloPrenup is legit? Based on our experience of using the platform and the HelloPrenup prenuptial agreements that we have reviewed with family lawyers, HelloPrenup does seem to provide legit prenuptial agreements that contain information you would see in a standard prenup drafted by a traditional prenup lawyer. For couples seeking a simple prenuptial agreement (50/50 split of assets, or keep the assets you earnt independently), HelloPrenup could be well worth considering.

The prenuptial agreements provided by HelloPrenup may not satisfy all requirements if you need complex clauses that could benefit from the expertise of a traditional prenup lawyer, for example, clauses related to business ownership or large amounts of widely distributed assets. If you require these clauses and would still like to use HelloPrenup, you could consider the hybrid option of drafting the initial prenuptial agreement with HelloPrenup and then arranging a prenup review with a traditional prenup lawyer. HelloPrenup will help you arrange this prenup review, if that is your preferred approach.