How Much Does A Prenup Cost

A simple US prenup that states you both keep your respective assets will typically cost $1000-$5000 when drafted by a prenup lawyer, with higher prices applying when large amounts of assets are involved. Online providers such as HelloPrenup ($599) are generally the cheaper option for simple prenups, but may not be suitable if you would like the reassurance of speaking to a prenup lawyer in person.

If you need a relatively complex prenup, drafting additional clauses may involve meticulous legal work to ensure the agreement is comprehensive, legally binding, and tailored to the needs of you both. In these cases, answering "How much does a prenup cost?" becomes more complex and it's important to recognise that the cost of drafting the prenup could vary based on several factors:

  • Complexity of Assets: Factors such as multiple properties, investments, and business interests can increase how much your prenup costs.
  • Geographical Location: The cost of legal services can significantly differ based on where you live. Urban areas or regions with a high cost of living tend to have higher prenup lawyer fees.
  • Negotiation Time: The negotiation process between the couple can impact how much the prenup costs. If you require multiple rounds of revisions or extensive discussions, it can lead to higher fees.

How Much Does A Prenup Review Cost

A prenup review ensures that you both understand the terms and implications of the prenuptial agreement, and can help to make the prenup legally binding. The good thing is that prenup review costs will typically be substantially lower than the initial cost of drafting the prenup. For example, in the US, your prenup review costs could be as low as $600-$900 for a standard prenuptial agreement.

Keeping Down How Much Your Prenup Costs

To control the cost of your prenup and avoid unexpected charges, we would recommend trying to use an online provider or prenup lawyer who offers flat fees if possible. There are plenty of options when it comes to prenup lawyers and online providers who offer flat fees.

If you are looking for a cheap prenup and only require standard prenup terms (e.g. a straight split of assets, or each spouse retains assets they earned individually), you could consider an online provider such as HelloPrenup. Online providers will generally give you a low flat-fee price ($599 in the case of HelloPrenup), resulting in a cheap prenup without the stress of hourly billing (often charged by traditional prenup lawyers).